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January 21, 2020  @ 6:00PM

Altabira City Tavern (located inside Hotel Eastlund)
1021 NE Grand Ave #600, Portland, OR 97232

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About OMBA

Conceived in 1954 by a group of mortgage bankers who foresaw the value of building a strong network of real estate finance professionals, the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association has grown into an organization which is the resource point for the real estate lending industry in Oregon.

Formerly known as the Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association, in 2012, the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the association to the "Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association" to more accurately reflect the services the association offers.

Membership, which is diverse and well representative of the industry in Oregon, includes banks, morgage bankers, and credit unions, as well as a variety of service providers including attorneys, title companies, and appraisers.  Membership is intended to represent all groups with a vested interest in an active and healthy lending environment in Oregon.

Since the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association first hired a lobbyist, it has become a leader in the state and a resource bank for industry information. The association is actively involved with industry related legislative matters, and assists legislators in understanding the needs and problems confronting the real estate finance industry today.

Fueled by dedicated volunteers with common goals, the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association has grown in stature and purpose. In a time where change is the norm, the OMBA has successfully kept its members informed and educated so they can provide the best service possible for the state of Oregon.

Welcome to our 2019 New Members


2019 Legislative Update

The 2019 Legislative Session adjourned on Sunday, June 30th on what was constitutionally the last possible day for them to be convened. While each session takes on a life of its own, and is different year to year, 2019 may be recorded among the most contentious in Oregon’s history. While the session this year was a wild one, we feel OMBA had another successful year. We started out with several pieces of legislation that we thought may negatively impact the industry, and in the end were able to amend or defeat these bills.  If anyone didn’t receive our final legislative report, please let us know. Despite the summer lull directly after session there has still been much to do. There have been workgroups, meetings, and the like. The legislature recently convened for legislative days the third week of September to have meetings as well as conduct committee hearings. Prior to the short session next February, they will meet twice more on November 18th-20th, and again on January 13th-15th. Here are a couple of the more pertinent issues we have been active in on your behalf:


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