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  • September 03, 2020 7:43 AM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)

    Distinguished Colleagues of the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Tom Hendrickson Tuesday afternoon following a three year battle with cancer.    Tom was an effective advocate in state and local mortgage banking and an influential proponent of our industry in Washington, DC.   In celebration of the 40th anniversary of our tri-state conference, Tom was a keynote historian speaker at the 2017 Pacific Northwest Mortgage Lenders Conference in Skamania and shared many stories of that conference through the years.   


    As a mortgage banker for 45 years, Thomas R. Hendrickson holds the distinguished honor to serve as president of the Oregon Mortgage Association (affiliated with the National Association of Mortgage Professionals), and the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association (affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association of America/MBA). He served on MBA 's National Board of Governors. He was the only active residential loan originator in Oregon to hold mortgage lending 's highest professional designation: Master Certified Mortgage Banker and was also the only Oregonian ever to receive MBA 's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award, granted to just one person each year, nationwide.


    Tom joined Associated Mortgage Brokers in 2001 as Executive Vice President and a stockholder. Before that, he spent fifteen years as Executive Vice President and co-owner of Portland Mortgage Company. An Oregon resident since 1978, Tom held a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington, where he served as President of the Associated Men Students, and a Masters degree from Seattle University.  Very active in our community, he has served on the boards of non-profit groups, including The Rotary Club of Portland, the Oregon Ballet Theater, Boys and Girls Aid Society, AHA International, the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, and the Sellwood Harbor Homeowners Association. Tom is a Vietnam veteran. He enjoyed fishing, traveling, spending time with his family, and helping his clients find the best mortgage loan to meet their needs.


    Tom's widespread influence was evident during our annual advocacy conference in Washington, DC, when Oregon Representative Earl Blumenhour specifically asked about Tom Hendrickson and how he was so well known and engaged, even in DC.  He was an active promoter of the Certified Mortgage Banker program and assisted many as a sponsor or test proctor. Tom's love of this industry was evident in his willingness to offer advice and counsel to our current president, Tammy Golden, who says "his support of myself, this organization, and our industry will forever be remembered fondly by us all”.    Godspeed, Tom Hendrickson.  

  • April 23, 2020 6:29 AM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)

    The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has published the following:

    Bulletin No. DFR 2020-6 (Revised): Temporary Authorization for DFR Licensees to Work from Home While Transacting Business


    This revised bulletin changes the effective date from until April 30, 2020 to until revoked.

    To read this and other bulletins and get more information, please visit the Division of Financial Regulation's Bulletins page at:

  • April 23, 2020 6:28 AM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)

    From our lobbyist Matt Markee: I was on a webinar with the Governor’s staff today as they walked us through their current plan to reopen the economy here in Oregon, below is an outline of today’s discussion.  Also for those of you that didn’t know the Emergency Board is meeting April 23rd to allocate about $30 million in state funds that the Federal money Oregon is receiving doesn’t cover.  This link will show you where that money is being spent (anyone wanting more detail on any of these areas just let me know):



    • The current guidelines/framework will continue to develop and get more details over the next 14 days
    • Timeline – we can't control the timeline, that will be up to how the virus progresses, and until there is immunity (either a vaccine or there is enough people that have been effectively exposed to make a difference), things in the workplace or social events won’t be normal
    • The Goal remains to keep the curve flat so we don't overwhelm our hospital system.  If we move to quickly, it won’t take much to overwhelm our system
    • Oregon’s framework tries to match the Federal Governments guidelines, but will have some tweaks as needed with unique scenarios for Oregon.


    What needs to happen to start into Phase 1

    • Need a downward trajectory of symptoms (both flu and COVID) reported within 14 days 
    • Numbers of positive cases, as a percentage of total tests, need to be going down for 14 days.  As we test more people we can’t just look at the total number of case but rather a percentage.
    • Need robust testing for healthcare workers, both antibody and to see if they have virus
    • As we get testing on track we also need to do strong contact testing for all positive cases to see where the outbreaks are happening so we can respond appropriately. 
      • This will structure will allow us to drive the number as low as we can before starting to reopen things up and as people test positive we can control the spread as quickly as possible to keep overall numbers low.
    • Need both ICU capacity and PPE numbers to adequately handle scenarios


    Overall Plans for workplaces

    • Need to protect workers in critical industry
    • Protect all employees travel to and from workplace and users of mass transit
    • Workplaces will need social distancing


    Phase 1 of reopening

    • Once items above are met then we can enter phase one
    • Individuals will need to practice
      • Hygiene,
      • likely face coverings in public (still discussing how and when)
      • stay home if sick
    • Employers
      • need to implement appropriate policies
      • social distancing
      • sanitation
      • possible temp checks
      • other 
    • All vulnerable individuals continue shelter in place (seniors, preexisting conditions)
    • Social distancing practiced 
    • No Gathering of over 10 people
    • minimize non-essential travel for employees
    • Telework should be used if at all possible
    • Open vs closed
      • Schools - closed
      • Hospital and senior living - closed
      • Large venues - likely closed, some discussion about if social distancing can acheived
      • Sit-down dining - workgroup meeting to see if we can open some in phase one
      • Gyms - in Oregon likely closed
      • Bars - Workgroup to see if this can open in phase one
      • nonemergency medical - currently under review how to get this back up and going
      • Personal services (hair, nail, tattoo, etc) - workgroup on how to open in phase one
    • All of this could be done geographically at different times - possible county by county, still being discussed but looking to put a process for counties to demonstrate how they can do all required items


    Phase 2

    • Need to see how phase one goes for at least 14 days before entering into next phase
    • Gathering up to 50
    • schools and gyms likely reopen with social distancing
    • non-essential travel allowed


    Phase 3

    • Mass gathering increase
    • start to get closer to normal for bars and restaurants


    Governor office meeting with many stakeholder groups to talk through current plans in the following areas

    • Food Service
    • Retail
    • Personal Services
    • Childcare
    • Transit 
    • Outdoor recreation


    Next steps

    • Week of May 4th finalize all details including guidelines for county guidelines for operational and geographical plans​
    • Continue talking with California and Washington, not to do things exactly the same but so we know what each is doing.  Also potentially learn from one another


    Additional Notes

    • For those businesses that weren't shut down, things in phase one look very similar to what you are doing now.
    • Important to remember if we open to quickly we could have to move backwards, but the goal is to watch data closely to make sure that doesn't happen
  • April 13, 2020 3:30 PM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)


    The Forbearance Challenge Explained

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  • May 17, 2018 1:20 PM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)
    Last night's Commercial event was a huge success.  See the Event Photos

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