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Election Update

November 04, 2020 8:14 AM | OMBA Admin (Administrator)

2020 Oregon Election Wrap Up

November 3, 2020


While it was a wild election night on the national level that produced results which may not be known for days, locally in Oregon there were fewer surprises. It was another year of record campaign spending and the results at this point appear to be mixed. Going into the evening, Democrats held supermajorities in both the House and the Senate, 38-22, 18-12 respectively. The Democrats were looking to expand their majorities which would make future walk outs irrelevant by adding two seats in each chamber, and Republicans were working toward busting the current supermajorities. While not all results are completely final, it appears the Republicans will net one seat in the House narrowing the Democrat majority slightly (37-23), and numbers remaining the same in the Senate. If this hold, Democrats will continue to hold supermajorities in both Houses, but not gain any seats.

See below for specific details on focus races as of 7:30am this morning, as things change we will let you know:


Legislative Membership

2018      Senate: 18D/12R             House: 38D/22R


2020      Senate: 18D/12R             House: 37D/23R


Focus Legislative Races


Senate District 5 (South and Central Coast) This race was an open seat after Senator Arnie Roblan (D) decided to retire.

Melissa Cribbins (D) VS Dick Anderson (R)

Result- Dick Anderson (R) appears to defeat Melissa Cribbins (D) 49.3%-46.5% with a third party candidate pulling in 4% of the vote. This is a Republican pick up of a long-time Democrat seat.

Senate District 10 (South and West Salem) Senator Denyc Boles (R) is running for his first full term after being appointed to replace long-time Senator Jackie Winters after her passing.

Senator Denyc Boles (R) VS Deb Patterson (D)

Result- Deb Patterson (D) wins, defeating incumbent Senator Denyc Boles (R) 50%-46.5% with a third party candidate receiving 3.3%. This is a Democrat win in a seat that has been reliably Republican for decades but has since become more competitive due to closer registration numbers.

Senate District 27 (Central Oregon) Senator Tim Knopp (R) is running for his third four-year term.

Senator Tim Knopp (R) VS Eileen Kiely

Result- It appears Senator Tim Knopp (R) will squeak out a victory, narrowly defeating Eileen Kiely 50.7%-49.0%.


House District 9 (South Coast) This is an open seat after Rep. Caddy McKeown (D) decided to retire.

Boomer Wright (R) VS Cal Mukumoto

Result- Boomer Wright wins, besting Cal Mukumoto 57.5%-42.4%. This is one of the two Republican pickups, winning a district which has been held by a Democrat for many years, but has seen narrowing registration numbers in recent years.


House District 11 (Eugene and rural Linn/Lane Co.) Rep. Marty Wilde is running for his second term.

Rep. Marty Wilde (D) VS Katie Boshart Glaser (R)

Result- Rep. Marty Wilde (D) will retain his seat winning 52.0%-47.7%


House District 19 (South Salem, Aumsville) Rep. Raquel Moore Green is seeking her first full term after being appointed to fill a vacancy created after Denyc Boles was appointed to the Senate.

Rep. Raquel Moore Green (R) VS Jacqueline Leung (D)

Result- Rep. Moore Green (R) defeats challenger Jacqueline Leung (D) 52.9%-46.9%.


House District 20 (West Salem, Independence, Monmouth) Rep. Paul Evans is seeking his fourth term.

Rep. Paul Evans (D) VS Selma Pierce (R)

Result- In a rematch from 2018, Rep. Paul Evans (D) fends off Selma Pierce (R) winning 52.4%-47.3%.


House District 24 (McMinnville and surrounding area) Rep. Ron Noble is seeking his third term.

Rep. Ron Noble VS Lynnette Shaw (D)

Result- Rep. Ron Noble will retain his seat, besting challenger Lynnette Shaw (D) 57.8%-42.0%.


House District 26 (Wilsonville) Rep. Courtney Neron is seeking her second term.

Rep. Courtney Neron (D) VS Peggy Stevens (R)

Result- Rep. Courtney Neron (D) wins 55.9%-41.9%.


House District 31 (Columbia County) Rep. Brad Witt is seeking his ninth term in the House

Rep. Brad Witt (D) VS Brian Stout (R)

Result- Rep. Witt (D) narrowly defeats Brian Stout (R) winning 50.5% to 49.3%.


House District 32 (North Coast) This is an open seat after Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell decided not to run for another term.

Suzanne Weber (R) VS Debbie Boothe-Schmidt (D)

Result- Suzanne Weber (R) will defeat Debbie Boothe-Schmidt (D) 53.9%-45.9% after what is likely to be the most expensive legislative race in Oregon’s history. This win flips a formerly Democrat held seat to Republican.


House District 37 (West Linn) Rep. Rachel Prusak (D) is seeking her second term after flipping the seat from Republican to Democrat last election.

Rep. Rachel Prusak (D) VS Kelly Sloop (R)

Result- Rep. Rachel Prusak (D) wins 61.4%-38-3%


House District 52 (Hood River) Rep. Anna Williams (D) is seeking her second term.

Rep. Anna Williams (D) VS Former Rep. Mark Helfrich (R)

Result- Rep. Williams (D) wins fending off Helfrich 52.6%-44.9%.


House District 54 (Bend) Rep. Cheri Helt (R) is seeking her second term.

Rep. Cheri Helt (R) VS Jason Kropf (D)

Result- Jason Kropf (D) will defeat Incumbent Rep. Cheri Helt 60.1%%-38.9%. The Democrats were successful here in flipping a Republican seat.


Secretary of State Race

Senator Kim Thatcher (R) VS Senator Shemia Fagan faced off to replace Bev Clarno (R) who had been appointed to fill in for the remainder of Secretary Dennis Richardson’s term after his passing.

Result- Senator Shemia Fagan (D) will win, defeating Senator Kim Thatcher 51.1%-42.5%.


Ballot Measures/Local Measures

Measure 108- Increases cigarette tax from $1.33 per pack to $3.33 per pack, imposes a tax on e-cigarettes and dedicates revenues to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health programs.

Result- Measure passes. Yes 66.3%          No 33.7%


Measure 109- Authorizes the Oregon Health Authority to create a program to permit licensed service providers to administer psilocybin mushrooms for individuals 21 years of age or older.

Result- Measure passes. Yes 55.9%          No 44.1%


Portland Metro, Measure 26-218 Infrastructure and Transportation Payroll Tax- Authorizes the Metro Council to impose a payroll tax of .75% on employers with 26 or more employees, excluding local governments beginning in 2022 to fund infrastructure and improvements and transportation programs.

Result- Measure fails. Yes 43%                 No 57%



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