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Special Legislative Session June 25

June 16, 2020 7:37 AM | Mary Ann Gray (Administrator)

It now appears that the Governor will be calling a special session on June 24th.  The list attached is the most recent list of legislation that the Governor will ask to be considered - there are 25 separate policy issues on the list.  It does not appear that there will be any budget items discussed during this special session.  Current thinking is to wait on state budget items until after the Federal Government has decided to act on whether or not they will allocate money to state’s to help with their loss of revenue.  Legislative leadership believes this will be answered before the Congressional August recess.  If Oregon does receives federal dollars it obviously will lessen the budget cuts needed to balance the budget.  However, if we don’t receive federal funds, on a percentage basis, the cuts we will need to make grow the longer we wait.  For those of you that care about any of the particular items on the attached list we will be reaching out to you individually to discuss next steps.  By taking way all budget talks from this special session, it certain changes the dynamic between the two parties and how they negotiate with each other.  Most leverage the Republicans had all stemmed around the budget items.  As things change and progress we will let you know.  As If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email.

Matt Markee

1. Police Discipline Statewide Database
2. Attorney General Lead for Use of Force Investigations
3. Require Mandatory Reporting by Officers of Other Officer Behavior
4. Ban on Tear Gas, Militarization…?
5. Law Enforcement Arbitration (HB 1567A, 2020)
6. Outlaw use of Chokeholds
7. Commercial Eviction Moratorium EO 20-11
8. Residential Eviction Moratorium EO 20-13
9. Foreclosure Protections
10. Broadband + Virtual Schools
11. Public Meetings and Local Government Operations EO 20-16
12. Protecting CARES ACT Payments EO 20-18
13. Court Dates Extension
14. Super Siting Authority Housing HB 4001C, 2020
15. LIHEAP (Weatherization) Authority
16. Remote Notary Provisions
17. Hotel and Motels Limited Immunity for COVID Isolation Requires by public entities
18. Small Rural Schools Formula (HB 4044, 2020 – Redraft but limit to 1 year)
19. Extend Enterprise Zone Termination Date from June 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020
20. Broaden Use of IDA Funds for Emergency Assistance for COVID Pandemic Relief
21. State-Run Meat Processing Plant Inspection Program (HB 4152, 2020)
22. CAT Technical Fixes and Dairies (HB 4009A, 2020)
23. Eastern Oregon Border Board Grant Fund Limitations (HB 4165A, 2020)
24. Out of State Placement and Family First
25. Forestry MOU

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