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Legislative Update

June 09, 2021 6:05 PM | OMBA Admin (Administrator)

We are now into the second week of June, and it has been over five months since session officially began.  June 27th is the last possible day of session, which leaves roughly just over two weeks remaining before adjournment. There is a push to get out of the building early, but it is unknown at this point if they will actually be able to do so or how early that might be.  While each session, is unique, this one has been unlike any we have ever participated in. As a reminder, all committees have been held virtually and voting on the House and Senate floors are the only time most members are together. The public has not been allowed in the building, which has added an interesting element in advocating for or against legislation – requiring quick adapting and strategy changes on our part.  With much of the legislation being considered this session already passing or failed there are still many big budget decisions left to be made, including how all lottery bonds, ARPA (Federal stimulus) dollars, and capital construction projects will be allocated.  There are also several large agency budgets that are still being worked on including the Department of Education, Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority.  On the policy side of things there are still a handful of major policy bills that are still being negotiated, all of which have a considerable amount of opposition to them, and will likely be amended in some fashion before moving out of the Ways and Means Committee.  These aren’t the only policy bills still being considered but are those that are drawing the most attention in the final days of session and include:


  • SB0582 (state.or.us) - The bill creates an extended producer responsibility around how to recycle packaging of products.  The bill will have new amendments this week that make several changes to the underlying bill.  If anyone would like to see the latest amendments to this bill and haven’t received them yet, please let me know and we will get them to you right away.
  • SB0762 (state.or.us) - This bill is dealing with wildfire mitigation.
  • SB0844 (state.or.us) - This bill creates an upper payment limit on prescription drugs that would affect not only pharmaceutical products but also healthcare providers
  • HB2021 (state.or.us) - This is a 100% clean electricity bill, which sets a goal of getting to 100% renewable non-emitting sources of electricity by 2040.
  • HB2362 (state.or.us) - This bill directs OHA to examine, monitor and approve or deny mergers or acquisitions in the health care industry over a certain net revenue threshold.

There is much which will transpire in the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to give you a brief update on where things stand as of now. In the days following session, we will provide an individualized report, which will be more detailed, and include a handful of  the most pertinent bills to you and your industry.   While things legislative speaking are incredibly busy these last days of session, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have.



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